Saturday, November 28, 2009

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This week will be an easy one!!!

Make A SET OF 6 XMAS CARDS and arrange them as a set, could be a box, cellophan bag/envelope, tin, etc. Any type of container that you embellish. These XMAS CARDS SET is a gift you will give to someone:

Points you will earn: 6

Bonus points: 2 for posting this challenge in your blog with a link to this Discussion!!!

1) You must use do 3 different designs.
2) You must post pictures of the 6 cards (individual or the set, but should be able to see the 6 cards in the set photo).
3) All entries must be made for this challenge.
4) Must do the "storage" part (box, bag, tin, etc) and must be embellished by you specially for this challenge.

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